"Your Security Expert Proudly Serving The Sunshine Coast!"

Security alarms


Whether starting fresh at the rough in stage of construction or installing in a finished home, get a professional security system to help protect your house or business.

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Security cameras

Security alarms help provide loss prevention. Security cameras provide the ability to remotely monitor a property via smartphone/tablet or computer and pull up details after the fact to aid in property recovery.

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Have your security alarm system monitored via a land line telephone, internet, or cellular based communicator.

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Free consultation

Have a knowledgeable and professional, certified alarm technician visit your home or business to go over your security options.

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Remote access viewing

Have an IOS or Android powered device(s) or laptop(s)? You can remotely view your camera system from wherever you are. Be able to see who or what has been on your premise even when you aren't there.

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