Security cameras

Security cameras can act as a deterrent, however the true value of security cameras is in the ability to retrieve footage weeks or months after the fact to aid in investigations and property recovery. Did you discover damage to your business or property when you returned to it? Is someone making a claim against you that you believe to be fraudulent? Do you offer storage, parking or moorage to people as part of your business and wish to offer them increased piece of mind? A security camera system can help allay fears and provide peace of mind knowing that something is always watching, even when you are not.

IP Camera system

An IP camera system is the most recent security camera technology, allowing for superior high definition video over a network,  IP camera systems give you the most options whenit comes to selecting what level of clarity you expect. Do you just want to have an idea who is around your home or business, or are you hoping to catch more detail like text or license plates? Get the camera you require for the task.

Analog camera system

Typically run over a co axial cable as opposed to a network cable, analog cameras are the older (but not obsolete) security camera technology.  Do you already have an analog camera system installed at your home or business but are not happy with its performance and don't want to run new wire to upgrade to an IP system? Have a Nightingale technician come on site to evaluate your options for upgrading your cameras and recorder to display up to 1080p video using your existing wire.