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Nightingale Security


What is Nightingale Security?

Nightingale Security is a company dedicated to providing a complete system of security to the families and businesses on the Sunshine Coast. We strive to provide the best technology and equipment available for your investment, no job is too small or too big. We believe you should know how to access and operate the system you own with confidence. We love to teach and can't wait to work with you to understand your system. Let us know if you are experiencing an issue, we want to hear from you!

Our qualities include:

- Pride Of Work -

A quality alarm installation will not only look professional but will help to eliminate any false alarm potential. The quality of the work speaks for itself.

- Personalized Systems -

Everyone's needs are different, your home/business is personal, whether it is a place to take refuge, do business, express yourself creatively or develop personal interests, your security system should be tailored to reflect what is of value to you. Tell us what it is that you are looking for, what is most important to you and let us provide you with a customized system quote.

- Clear Communication -

You don't need to be a mechanic to own and operate a motor vehicle, but you do need to rely on a mechanic you can trust to look after your various mechanical needs. Likewise when it comes to a security system, you need to know that the person you are dealing with is knowledgeable, honest and truly looking out for your best interests. Clear communication leaves you feeling confident knowing that you and your alarm technician are on the same page.

- On Site Training -

Whether training you on your new security system or connecting your device(s) for remote viewing access. Our goal is to make things simple for you and ensure that you are confident in utilizing your system, that means making sure you have the knowledge and confidence to utilize your system to it's fullest. We can help get your device(s) connected and teach you how to access the cameras, review footage and extract images whenever required.

- Loss Prevention Analysis -

We are happy to review your security system and provide expert advice on adjustments and/or upgrades for the system to match your needs. 

We can teach you how to review the footage, grab a snapshot of an image, extract footage when required and access live video.



It's always nice to know that the work you do is appreciated! Thank you to those clients who took the time to express their opinion and write in; here's what they had to say:


Several months ago, Jared Bader of Nightingale Security, installed a state of the art video surveillance system, on our business premises. The system included high definition cameras, a 32 channel hybrid DVR, and a sophisticated, wireless link, between the cameras & the DVR, which are several hundred feet apart. The system is working extremely well & has far exceeded my expectations. Jared is a remarkable young man; both a highly skilled installer and a very talented programmer. He had the system up and running on time and within the initial cost estimate. He is dependable and always available for consultation or follow up service & stands behind his work.  Jared has my full endorsement and I highly recommend Nightingale Security to anyone who is considering the installation of a security system in their home or business.



I contacted Nightingale security to see about putting in a security system for my shop. Jared arrived on time and spent almost an hour with me going over various options. I received my quote by the end of that day and had the security system installed the following week. The attention to detail and level of care he put into the job was appreciated, covering my car and tools when drilling, then sweeping and cleaning after, I felt like he treated my shop as if it were his own. I will be calling Nightingale Security when it comes time to put cameras in.


We have a security alarm system that was installed and monitored by a company off coast that had not been functioning properly for months. After repeated attempts to get a technician to come from the mainland I finally gave up and called Nightingale Security. Jared came to my house, dealt with my alarm monitoring station for me and fixed the problem. He also checked the rest of the system to make sure that there weren't any other potential problems. I have switched to Nightingales monitoring service because it is a better deal than what I was paying, and because I know that I have someone on the Coast that can make it here when I need them.